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Gelsomino is a one-storey suite that opens to a long central living room and is capable of sleeping up to four people.
This area has two couches that section off a portion of the room for social gathering and conversation.
The room has a variety of local Tuscan artwork to help create a Florentine atmosphere.
There is a large dining table at the end of the room with a view of, and access to, the terrace.
It is equipped with refrigerator/freezer and air conditioning.
The first bedroom has two single beds and a skylight. It shares a bathroom with the master bedroom down the hall.
The master bedroom has a queen sized bed and a high, wood beam ceiling.
This room also has its own access to the suite's terrace. The deck has retractable awnings and an outdoor dining area.
The view from this perch is simply priceless.
The beautiful and historic cityscape of Florence lies directly in front of the terrace.
ne is able to see the famous Cathedral dome and Giotto Tower.
To the right one can gaze upon the rolling Tuscan hills and to the left the Villa's olive orchard.

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