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Magnolia is a one-storey suite with a small loft overlooking the living room and is capable of sleeping up to six people.
The central room is comprised of a sitting area with two relaxing, antique chairs and a large six person dining table.
The high ceiling with exposed wooden beams gives the apartment a historic feel.
The walls are decorated with a variety of fresco paintings.
There is also a breakfast table and a refrigerator/freezer.
The master bedroom has a high slanting ceiling, marbled wall design and beautiful wooden floors.
The massive bay windows look over a section of the back patio and Villa yard.
The room has a queen sized bed, long wardrobe closet, dresser and make-up table.
The master bedroom connects to a full bathroom, with lovely Vietri tile, and a single bedroom.
Across from the master bedroom is a double room with two single beds. This room has access to its own full bathroom.
The final bed can be found in the loft, connected to the main room by a beautiful, wooden winding staircase.
The most popular asset of this suite is the romantic private terrace. This spacious and quiet terrace overlooks the surrounding vineyards and olive orchards.
It has an outdoor table that is nestled beneath the shade of a wonderful, Tuscan vine canopy.

Via Bolognese, 163 - 50139 Firenze, Italia
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