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Melograno is a two-storey suite that brings to life the cosy, Tuscan atmosphere and will sleep four people.
The lower level is one long, open room. The walls are done with a Florentine marbled design and an elegant fresco pattern around the ceiling. The floors are old, red brick with white marble accents.
There are two solid wood tables, one being an elevated four person dining table and the other one a smaller breakfast table.
The opposite end of the room is furnished with two divan-beds.
Up the staircase one will find the master bed and bath.
The master bedroom is very spacious and features a queen sized bed.
The large semi-circle window floods the room with light and fresh air.
It has a two closet antique wardrobe and matching dresser.
The full upstairs bathroom also has a washing machine for guests' laundry needs. The apartment is equipped with a refrigerator/freezer.

Via Bolognese, 163 - 50139 Firenze, Italia
Tel. +39-055-400777 - Fax +39-055-0515820