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By car
By train
By airplane

In order to reach Villa Ulivi from Florence "Amerigo Vespucci" Airport:

  • you need to take a taxi-cab and to get off the taxi-cab once the taxi-cab has reached Villa Ulivi (#163, Via Bolognese);


  • you need to reach "Santa Maria Novella" Train Station by "Vola in bus", the bus service that links the Airport and the Station; then, from "Santa Maria Novella" Train Station, you need to take the bus number 25 / 25A. Once you have taken the bus number 25, you need to get off the bus when you reach "La Pietra" bus stop, located in Via Bolognese, and to walk until you reach, after 100 metres, Villa Ulivi (#163, Via Bolognese).

Via Bolognese, 163 - 50139 Firenze, Italia
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