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Outside Villa Ulivi is a remarkably beautiful and luxurious fifteenth century Florentine Villa located few minutes away from Florence's historic city centre and from its main monuments, as well as from the shopping area, up towards the wonderful landscape of an ideal Tuscan hill.
The imposing building, characterized by the Italian Villa tradition while incorporating the comforts available today, is set in a residential area that both overlooks and is extremely close to the town's attractions.
Access to downtown Florence is easily attainable by either a comfortable, scenic walk or a short bus ride down the famous Via Bolognese. Both options are simple to navigate for travellers of any age or experience level.
Villa Ulivi also has partnerships with scooter and bicycle rental companies to meet all of their guests travel needs.
The villa grounds are surrounded and beautified by magnificent vineyards and olive orchards, as well as an array of local flowers and blossoming trees. In spite of its central location, Villa Ulivi is immersed in a garden planted with fragrant roses and lavender, at the end of a shady horse-chestnuts' lane.
Villa Ulivi offers travellers an authentic Tuscan experience and allows for a relaxing retreat from the "hustle and bustle" of the nearby city center.

"For centuries Florence has been celebrated for her villa clad hills.
According to an old chronicler, the country houses were more splendid than those in town, and stood so close - set among their olive orchards and vine-yards that the traveller thought himself in Florence three leagues before reaching the city."
Edith Wharton

Guests are constantly amazed at how close Villa Ulivi is to the variety of tourism activities in downtown Florence, but, at the same time, how separated it is from the "hustle and bustle" of the busy city.
Set in the hills overlooking the town, the Villa is everything visitors to Florence seek in their Tuscan adventure. Inside
As guests enter through the large stone gate and look down the private shady lane, they will realize that they are entering a new and exciting world. Pass through the main entrance and gaze up towards the beautiful, golden, eight meter ceilings.
Admire the wooden balcony and dangling chandeliers.
The ancient stone wine cellar, with three rooms with vaulted roofs and fifteenth century stone frames used for socializing and taste-testing, provides a place to escape and explore the collection of over 1,500 bottles.
Stroll out to the back patio or enjoy a glass of Tuscan wine on the rooftop terrace.
Both offer unimaginable views of the unspoilt hillside and city spread.
Fernand Braudel described the Florentine landscape as, "The most touching countryside in the world."

"You may go forth from the Riccardi Chapel and see the castle of Vincigliata towering on its cypress-clad hill precisely as Gozzoli depicted it in his fresco."
Edith Wharton

This grand Villa captures traditional Tuscan style and atmosphere with the benefit of modern amenities.
At Villa Ulivi, furnishings have been chosen with a careful eclectic taste.
Tuscan pieces from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries create an atmosphere that is classical, authentic and most of all relaxing.
Large and elegant lounges, illuminated by the Tuscan sun and open onto the gardens of the historic Villa, have been added in the course of the last two centuries to the fascinating, ancient wine-cellars and horse-stables.
One of the common areas of the Villa provides technology services for the guests.
There is a computer with Internet access, wireless Internet, printer, scanner, telephone, and fax machine.
Villa Ulivi guests are able to make themselves as connected or separated from the outside world as they choose.

"I had never known Florence more herself, or in other words more attaching, than I found her for a week in that brilliant October.
She sat in the sunshine beside her yellow river like the little treasure-city that she always seemed."
Henry James

FurnishingThere are also a variety of other benefits that Villa Ulivi has to offer.
Guests are encouraged to use the Villa's rooftop terrace, backyard patio and wine cellar for romantic social gatherings.
Upon request, the management can organize private parties that are catered by some of Florence's best chefs.
Cooking classes and activities are periodically planned on the Villa grounds.
Guests may also use the chapel for private religious services and the backyard barbeque grill for family meals.
English and French are spoken.

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